The University of Harrisburg welcomes its members for the first time as a sponsor of virtual conferences on cryptocurrency

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has announced that members of the 1st Federal Credit Union will sponsor its free virtual lectures “Shred the System: Driving the Crypto and Blockchain Revolution.”

Members 1st serves nearly half a million members through its network of nearly 60 branches in central Pennsylvania.

“We are grateful to Members 1st for supporting this conference. This allows us to offer the event free of charge to attendees and helps further position the region as a hub of knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency topics,” said Dr. Eric Darr, President of the University of Harrisburg, in a news release.

“Shred the System” is a free monthly virtual series on topics related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin. Registration is now open for the “Shred the System” virtual conferences on April 20 and May 18.

The virtual series is an opportunity to hear panels of experts from around the world discuss topics such as cryptocurrency: innovation, opportunities, risks and smart contracts in the digital age, how to value cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and the environmental impact of cryptocurrency.

Panelists and moderators for the April 20 session include Fred Brandon, CEO and Founder, Brand New Technologies; Jon Ungerland, CIO Information & Innovation, DaLand LLC; Will Coleman, Director of Technology Services, Cohen & Company; Christopher Mitchell, Founder and Investment Advisor, Keala Advisors; Andre De Castro, CEO and Founder of Blockchain of Things; Farooq Anjum, Associate Professor, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology; Nicholas Frett, Chief Technology Officer, Tellor; Frank Borger Gilligan, Securities, Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer, Dickinson Wright PLLC.

Other series sponsors include the Blockchain Association, Blockchain Coalition, and Diamante Blockchain.

“As a member-owned institution, it’s our responsibility to be on the cutting edge of technology,” said Mike Wilson, 1st Director of Member Experience. “Our reliable and innovative partners allow us to continue to keep the safety and security of our members at the forefront. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with partners like the University of Harrisburg.

Future roundtables and dates are in the planning stage. To find out how to become a speaker, submit panel ideas, or sponsor, email [email protected]


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