Do’s and Don’ts of Political Signs

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – Election season is upon us, and so are the floods of political signs and strict rules about where they can go and what you can do about them.

Election campaign season has arrived and politicians are making their rounds, asking voters to show their support.

“They are supposed to be on private property. They’re not supposed to be on the roads, and you’re not supposed to put them out by telephone poles or on the right-of-way,” said Jeff Carlisle – Deputy Chief, Houston County Sheriff.

Four by eight signs are for commercial property. Yard signs are intended for residential areas, but they can only be installed with the permission of the landlord.

“It’s actually just out of respect for the owners to make sure you have their permission to put these signs on their property.”

Owners can remove any panels they don’t want.

“If someone puts a sign on your property that you don’t want, there’s no problem removing it from your property.”

If you destroy or remove a political sign on someone else’s property without permission, you face a class two misdemeanor under Law 16-1019.

“We always tell everyone to leave the signs alone.”

If you have a problem with campaign signs, call first and file a report with local law enforcement.

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