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CONTINENTAL — Members of the Continental Village Council met Tuesday in a regular session that included discussions on proposed park projects and updates on those currently underway.

Mayor Matt Miller took the oath of office from re-elected council member Mike Varner.

Paulette Mills of Poggemeyer Design Group distributed an aerial photo of a proposed project at Buckeye Park (the pond area). The mayor’s goal was to turn this area into a recreation area. She discussed the construction costs of three projects.

The first is an eight-foot crushed-stone walking path around the top of the ponds for $67,500 plus engineering. The second is an ADA (Americans Disability Act) approved parking lot and sidewalk to the shelter for $62,334.25 plus engineering. And the third is a fishing pier measuring 40′ X 15′ that extends into the pond at a total cost of $117,425 plus engineering.

Mills said there are currently many funding opportunities for recreation projects, including the capital budget, NatureWorks, recreational trails, and land and water conservation. Some of them require matching funds, in-kind donations can be counted. The Council has tabled the proposals for the time being.

In the public portion of the meeting, the Summer Baseball/Softball Association asked if there were any plans for the old sewer plant on Route E. Association members were at the looking for land to develop ball diamonds and parking for summer leagues.

Currently they travel to Dupont and Cloverdale to play but would like to keep the games in the village. They looked at GIS mapping across the county and there may be room for three fields and parking on land owned by the village.

Miller suggested they map out an aerial photo as the next step. That would give a better idea of ​​what it would look like, and with the grant money. Various grants were discussed, some of which require matching funds. In-kind donations of equipment and labor would be considered for matching funds.

Two orders were issued urgently. The Village received a request to close the lane directly east of the old Bob’s Carryout between lots 43 and 44. Council suspended the rules and passed the emergency ordinance to effect the change. Council then discussed altering the traffic flow on the remaining one-way lane. The board suspended the rules and passed the ordinance on an emergency basis.

The village currently has a rental agreement with Brightnet for the Internet. Brightnet has an antenna on the old water tower in the village, but the castle will fall in the next few months.

The terms of the lease require the Village to give Brightnet 12 months notice before terminating this lease. Brightnet offered a 25MB guarantee in return for letting them install the antenna on the new water tower. However, Metalink offered the village 100 MB.

Village solicitor Scott Welch advised council members to renegotiate a contract with Brightnet for a year to meet the terms of the lease, and then the village can choose whoever they want.

The village received the documents for the second change order to install the aerator in the new water tower and for the additional work that needed to be done to locate the water pipes. The cost is a total increase of $78,038.42 and will come from the contingency amount included in the grant and loan amounts. This will also extend the project’s completion date to May 31, even though the water tower will be online before that date. Council approved.

Green sand filter two has been painted but needs to cure for about a week before refilling. Time has set the painting back a few days. The water tower has still not been filled due to freezing temperatures.

The Board considered two tenders for a permanent three-phase generator. One was for a 60 KW Kohler generator for $49,900 installed and the other was for a 60 KW Cummins generator for $56,182 installed. The Kohler is 18-23 weeks delivery and the Cummins is 20-30 weeks. The council approved the purchase of the Kohler generator.

A quote to convert the Ash Street lift station to a three-phase system for $11,523 was reviewed. There have been issues with this lift station and this change would make it more reliable. New pumps would need to be purchased that operate on three phase, but existing pumps could be used as backup for other lift stations. No decision has been made.

During a discussion of the condemned properties, council heard that the cement had not yet been removed from the property on Grove Street. The structure had been demolished by fire, and the pieces of cement are too big for the village equipment to pick up. GL Lloyd will be contacted to make the withdrawal and all charges will be deducted from the money held in escrow.

A house on Rice Street will have cameras installed to monitor rodents that live near an abandoned house to see where they may be coming from. A commercial building has been sold. The original owners never appealed, so the new owner takes responsibility for the demolition costs. The other commercial property is under appeal.

In other actions, the board:

• minutes, invoices and receipts approved since the last meeting.

• Approved then and now purchase orders over $3,000: J&M Excavating for emergency repair work for $4,402.50 and for Kalida Truck for snow plow, labor and miscellaneous. parts for $11,989.20.

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