Citizens seeks to stand out from the pack

“We have finally – three and a half years after our acquisition – completely transitioned to Citizens,” he said. “So it took a while. There was great value with the Franklin American name. I’m really proud of the Franklin brand; I was there the first day to start the wholesale division. But obviously this is the new future for us, and Citizens is a $188 billion bank with so many benefits.

However, Franklin American is hardly a ghostly figure or a remnant of the past. The corporate culture that has differentiated the company for most of a quarter century has transferred to citizens amid complementary values, Frank suggested.

Picking up on Dickey’s three Ps – price, process and products – Frank hinted at a fourth: “Even though we’re looking at a new future, we still have a lot of the same great people, and that’s a big differentiator for us too. We’ve created a culture in a quarter of a century, and a lot of those people are still here with us who have been here for 15, 20 plus years, and having that mandate and the new technology is really going to give us an opportunity to move forward at the future.

They say the past is a prologue. At Citizens, capital invested in the future is informed by a winning past that is already paying dividends.

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